Artisan web dev & ICT consulting

We strive to serve as a trusted, long-term supplier of high quality IT solutions for the very competitive price of €89/h

What we offer
  • Web development

    We use proven technologies for programming stable, full-stack web applications using the Python and PHP languages. The frameworks we use are Django and Laravel, but we also provide custom programming services.

  • Re-code services

    Salvage your failed IT project! Let us audit and analyse your existing software. We'll set the project straight with a new team, code refactoring and cleanup but we'll also honestly tell you if, in our opinion, the project is not rescuable within the set budget.

  • Consulting services

    Not sure which supplier or what technologies to pick? Stuck with an obsolete or obscure system? Let us use our expertise to help you find the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective Internet-based technologies that further your business.

  • Cloud solutions

    We provive all services related to web sites, such as SSL certificates, custom hosting platforms and domain registration. Noviaria also creates private and hybrid clouds based on enterprise solutions such as Ubuntu Linux, SaltStack and Docker.

  • Mobile app dev

    Hybrid mobile application development for Android and Apple devices using Ionic. Take the power of web technologies with you everywhere you go.

  • System administration

    We install, upgrade, migrate and maintain Linux-based e-mail, web, SMS and MMS servers in the cloud. Already have an infrastructure that needs management or migration? Write us a note!

For Other IT Companies

Are you the owner or representative of an IT company? Why not take advantage of our aggressive pricing model and retainer agreement options and outsource some projects to us - we're open to many forms of co-operation.