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About the company

Background & mission

While founded in Helsinki, Finland in the year 2006, Noviaria's original roots lay way back in 1997, when the web was still in its infancy. The company's founders observed that many closely related SMEs were frustrated with an IT architecture scattered among multiple platforms and service providers, that often led to service outages due to poor communication and technical incompatibilities between the vendors. The service offering was also often mismatched due to the vendors' lack of understanding of the client's business operations.

Noviaria's mission thus became to provide a holistic view of internet architecture for SMEs and to implement it for a reasonable price[1]. To this day we strive to serve as a trusted, long-term supplier of high quality internet solutions for a competitive price. Our continuous passion for technology, business models and even finance fuels our efforts to solve complex IT-related problems using business-oriented solutions that further our clients' business operations.


Our typical client today is another IT company, marketing agency or consultant broker that out- or insources parts of a project to us in an effort to expand their service offering or to even out spikes in demand. We also design new software from scratch, thus acting as a lead developer for the project.

Our main focus is on the small- to medium-sized business sector (SME B2B) and public sector (B2G) in the European Economic Area (especially the Nordic-Baltic Eight and Southern Europe), Spanish-speaking countries in Middle and South America as well as English-speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We're delighted that most of our new clients are referrals from our existing clientele.


  • Trade names: Noviaria Oy (Finnish), Noviaria Ab (Swedish) and Noviaria Ltd (English)
  • Company form: Limited company
  • Business ID: 2067641-1
  • VAT ID: FI20676411
  • Home municipality: Helsinki, Finland


  1. A "reasonable price" and "competitive price" have been defined as an hourly price, which is slightly lower than the industry sector's average price in Noviaria's primary market area, based on the latest available market research carried out by the company. Noviaria achieves the lower price point by employing a higher level of automation than other companies in the same sector.